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Virtual Pilot 3D – A Complete Review

There is no doubt that there are numerous flight simulators on the market today. One simulator, however, seems to have achieved a lot more than most. One of the key challenges that all simulators face is the ability to produce realistic flight condition and experiences of the users. Virtual Pilot 3D has been made with the goal of overcoming these challenges and giving the most realistic experience possible and is one of the best flight simulator games for PC. Here are some of the key features of the Virtual Pilot 3D simulator.


Aircraft Choices – This simulator comes with over 200 different types of aircraft choices that one can fly. While there is no chance that you will ever fly all types of planes in the world, it is possible to have the experience with this simulator. Examples include heavy commercials, military planes, old models, including the one that the Wright Brothers flew.

Realistic Cockpits – The makers of this simulator have done a great job in trying to make the cockpit experience as realistic as possible. This comes with sounds and visuals that give the user a feeling of full immersion in the flight. The goals are to make the experience feel as close as possible to being in a real plane.

The Controls of the Aircraft – This simulator comes with cockpit controls that are designed to behave like they would in real life. That means that the flight conditions, the weather, the height, the speed are all integrated so that each control reflects everything in real-time. This includes the behavior that one would see in the controls during a system failure or in emergency situations.

Wide Array of Airports - Virtual Pilot 3D offers as many as 25,000 choices of airports from around the world. The benefit about this is that this gives you the experience of flying and landing an airplane virtually anywhere in the world. This can be is a skyscraper’s helipad, a hospital runway, or JFK in New York. All these choices present virtually any airport you may think about in the world.

Realistic Sceneries – Most of the simulators on the market today use video game graphics to achieve sceneries. However, Virtual Pilot 3D takes the experience further by using actual Google maps satellite images to render the scenes in three dimensions. This makes the experience highly realistic. In addition, one still remains with the option of creating landscapes and weather condition from the games’ controls. One could say that the game presents the real world experience.

Real-time Weather – The simulator also has real sync technology that enables it to mimic the real weather in a certain region of the world. As such, if one is flying an aircraft in Los Angles and there is stormy weather, it will be reflected in the simulator. The weather data is retrieved by the system from the NOAA weather service.

ATC and Navigation Services – The Virtual Pilot 3D comes with an advanced ATC system. The system mimics real ground, tower, departure, approach, and center ATC. Depending on which airport one wants to fly from or land in, the system also offers instrument approach plates in these locations. These include NDB, VOR, and ILS procedures. There is also the option to fly in real time along a given airline route.

Ability to Simulate any Location in the World – This simulator is built with worldwide terrain sourced from NASA. This means that when one chooses to fly in a certain location in the world, the experience is almost similar to doing it in a real aircraft. The location one wishes to fly can only be limited by one’s knowledge and imagination.

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The biggest benefit of using this simulator is the ability to have a very realistic feel during flight simulation. This may be the closest most people will get to fly a real plane. The choices offered in terms of locations, controls, types of aircraft, or weather setting seem endless. Another key benefit is that the price of Virtual Pilot 3D is not out of reach. In fact, considering all the options it offers one could say that the retail price of $97.95 is quite affordable.


The wide variety of choices also means that learning how to operate the simulator can be an uphill task. It can be especially challenging to those who have never had a real life flying experience. With patience, however, one can eventually learn.


There is no doubt that this is one of the best flight simulators on the market today. We, therefore, conclude that purchasing it offers value for your money. Do Click Here to find out more