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Top 5 Flight Simulator Controls for the Virtual Pilot

If you like the experience of flying but don't want to go up in an airplane just yet, then a flight simulator like Virtual pilot 3D is perfect for your first experience. With the realistic graphics and faster computer processors, some of the today's best flight simulators make your first experience more enjoyable and lots of fun. After you gain more experience flying, you can change from airplanes to jets or some may even have a helicopter flight simulator, change locations all around the world, weather situations, and if you crash, just start over and try again.

With realistic flight simulator controls and airplane behavior, you will get the actual responses from an aircraft flying in the conditions you have set-up. If you decide to fly a high-wing trainer, the airplane will respond like a high-wing trainer, and if you decide to fly a fighter jet, it will respond like a fighter jet. You can even fly at night, with ground lighting from urban areas, headlights from oncoming cars on major highways or in current conditions, the closest airport to you or where ever you want to fly from. You can fly over your house, fly with other flight fans to fly in formation, do acrobatics, even air-to-air refueling, or land on an aircraft carrier.

Some flight simulators can cost up to $200.00, depending on the features you are interested in, although, there are very good ones for under $50.00. Just download the software, some flight simulator downloads even have a free trial period, (in case you're not satisfied with your purchase), read the "Quick Start Guide", and attempt your first flight. It will bring hours of fun, kid friendly and adult enjoyment. You can also read a "Flight School Guide" that will give the advanced flyer more detail, yet easy enough for the beginner to understand. It would also make a perfect Birthday present for the up-and-coming pilot or for more experience for the interested pilot.

In this article, I'll be going through with you the best flight simulator controller available to complete your experience as a pilot in the virtual world. Whether you are a novice, a hardcore or even a casual flight simulation games on the PC, it is highly recommended to have some sort of flight simulator controllers to improve your overall gaming experience on your PC. The most basic of the gears, the joystick, together with other flight sim gaming gears, will grant you a realistic feeling of flying in the cockpit of an aircraft.

1. Joystick / Flight Stick

Precise movements are what you want in a flight simulator game and the flight stick is ideal for this function. Flight sticks are used by fighter pilots for navigating the aircraft and firing missiles and guns. The joystick has been around for ages and has improved dramatically since the first PC joysticks of the 80's. It is the cheapest addition to your setup, but go a long way to add realism and fun.

Flight simulator joysticks are essential to experiencing the excitement and thrills of real flight. When first choosing hardware it is essential to research the correct system specifications. You must match your hardware to the correct software. You have to make sure whatever operating system your computer uses is supported by the flight sim hardware you are considering. See our list of the best flight simulator joysticks.

2. Throttle Controllers

These flight simulator controllers include several levels, which you adjust to control parameters in the flight simulation game such as throttle, fuel mixture, and elevator trim. These give you analog control over the values and stay in a given position after you move it there.

3. Flight Yoke

Popular hardware for flight stick is yoke pedals and rudders. To experience real flight maneuvers using the correct yokes gives the game a whole new feel that really enhances your enjoyment. The cockpit instrumentation and controls are very precise and meticulously replicate an aircraft cockpit, a flight yoke is the only way to really experience how the cockpit and instruments work and handle.

CH Products Flight Sim Yoke USB ( 200-615 )
CH Products Flight Sim Yoke USB ( 200-615 )

There are many types of flight yoke some fairly simple some are more complicated and can include throttle controls and buttons. The prices of each yoke depending on its specification can vary considerably to fit most pockets and demands.two of the most popular brands for flight sim controllers are CH Products and Saitek. These are the best sellers by far and are the most comprehensive and realistic compared to some of the more basic jokes that only incorporate basic movement and control. See the amazon curated list of the best flight yoke systems.

4. Rudder Controllers and Pedals

Pedals let you use your foot to command the rudder and toe brakes of the aircraft in your flight simulator game (just like the gas pedal and brake in a car). Pedals also help with dealing with crosswinds, turning, and control during taxiing.

5. TrackIR

The It's an IR(Infra Red) camera that tracks head movement by bouncing IR off of a clip you attach to a hat. It's used in flight simulator  gaming to translate your head movement into corresponding movement in game. For example, in Virtual pilot 3D flight simulator, you could use it to control your view in 3d cockpits, giving 6 degrees of freedom in the cockpit as if you were really there.

Using TrackIR with your simulator really does create that wonderful illusion for users.  Using TrackIR with your Flight simulator makes gaming look so real in every detail, that they will entice almost anyone to take a place behind the controls. They are very hard to resist. And anyone who has an interest in flying or aviation will find themselves in the cockpit experiencing the thrill of this 3D simulator TrackIR, especially those who have always had a dream to be a pilot. In fact, lots of trainee pilots use a flight simulator to improve their skills and their knowledge of all types of aircraft as well as the airports all over the world. See: TrackIR on Amazon.

How far will you go in achieving the sense of realism in flying? Well, explore the offerings at a computer store or online store such as Amazon or go to a review site and then decide which gear or a combination of controls best suits your budget and preferences.