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Features of the Best Flight Simulator Games

If you are into virtual reality games such as flight simulator games, it becomes immediately apparent to you, depending on the game you are stuck with, there are certain features that you just cannot do with out when it comes to selecting a flight sim game that is befitting, i mean a game that truly gives that near-life experience you crave. in this article we are going to examine some of this key features that an ideal PC flight simulator game must have, these are the features of the best flight simulator games!


This is the number one criteria when it comes to virtual reality games, the big selling point of these gaming genre is predicated on how realistic the game feels, if the game doesn't feel realistic enough, then it's no good. Still talking about realism and virtual reality games, the best virtual reality games have near-life graphics, the quality of the graphics is almost always the deal breaker when selecting the ideal flight simulator game, so to recap on this point, an ideal flight sim game must have very high quality graphical display in order to absorb the gamer into this world.


Another point worth noting when it comes to selecting the ideal Airplane game is the number of options that the specific platform presents, if the platform provides lots of airplane models to choose from, lots of airports to land and take off from, then it's a game, but if it provides a narrow selection of airplanes and airports, then it may not be so good a platform.


A good Flight sim game should have all the proper integration and protocols, such as Google Maps integration and availability of the multiplayer mode. In this way you can engage with other players and compare your skills to theirs.


This is a crucial point to take note of if you do intend on taking your flight simulator gaming experience to the next level, if you really do intend on improving your  experience, you'll add-ons and accessories that makes the gaming more immersive, but you'll hit a roadblock if the game you did select isn't compatible with best and coolest available add-ons, so it will be worth your time if you ensured that the game you have selected is compatible with popular flight simulator add-ons.

So far we have covered four very important criteria you need to take into consideration before selecting a flight simulator game, if you consider these points, i am sure you will make the right decision and obtain game that has been proven to meet all the above requirements.

Virtual Pilot 3D

If you’ve ever wanted to get a realistic attempt at flying an airplane without actually hopping into a real life cockpit then Virtual Pilot 3D is a very good place to start. Now you don’t have to limit yourself to flight classes on the weekend or expensive one-time flight trials. With Virtual Pilot 3D you can have access to all the experience of flying an actual plane or helicopter right on your computer.

Virtual Pilot 3D is essentially a flight simulator software that gives you the most realistic simulation of piloting aerial vehicles such as Jumbo jets, fighter jets, medical helicopters, combat jets, or even vintage propeller planes according to your tests. This flight sim comes with a lot of critically acclaimed by gamer and flight aficionados the world over.

If you want to get the most realistic simulation of taking off, flying, and landing an aircraft in real-world locations, time, and weather conditions then you cannot go wrong with Virtual Pilot 3D, click here to learn more about this flight simulator software.