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Drones with Longest Flight Time 

Drones have been the latest trend when it comes to small nitty devices. Within a short span of time, different companies that specialize in producing and improving this device have managed to create huge advancements that could make anyone in awe. The potential for improving these drones are still endless but the ones that they have created are surely noteworthy.  

One of the things that these companies improve is the drones’ flight time or how long the drones can fly without exhausting its battery. This feature is as an important key feature of drones for both professionals and enthusiasts alike. Some companies try to package the drone with two batteries in order for customers to use them longer. Other companies, however, took both time, effort, and funds to create drones with longest flight time. 

Holy Stone HS170

One of these drones is the Holy Stone HS170. This drone has a 6-8 minute flight time, which is not that bad for a charging time of 50 minutes. It is a quadcopter designed for beginners. Additionally, the Holy Stone HS170 only costs 50 dollars making it the longest flying drone to have for those who are on a tight budget.  

Traxxas 7908 ATON

The Traxxas 7908 ATON is a newly released drone on the market. The Traxxas 7908 ATON is made up of durable plastic that allows it to remain intact after it landed on the ground. Aside from that, the drone is also one of the most stable drones that one has seen on the market. This product, though can last for 13-15 minutes flying, does not come with a camera. 

MJX Bugs 3

Another drone with a long flight time is the MJX Bugs 3. MJX Bus 3 is another quadcopter that can fly for 18 minutes and has a control distance of 500 meters. If one is looking for a drone that is sturdy and is aesthetically pleasing, then this must be one of the choices. However, one should take note that the MJX Bugs 3 does not come with a camera attached to it, so one must attach their own cameras in order to record videos and/or take pictures.  

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone

The DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone is one of the popular drones on the market as of date. The DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone is a ready-to-fly drone that has a maximum speed of 10 m/s. The drone’s flight time is a maximum of 15 minutes, which is astonishing considering its average price-point. 

Parrot Bebop Drone

Another drone that lasts for 18 minutes is the Parrot Bebop Drone, which is available in two versions. The Parrot Bebop Drone weighs only 31 grams but is made from hard and sturdy plastic that allows it to survive a few crashes. This drone also has a camera that allows the controller to record 720 pixels of an event. 

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

If these two drones did not satisfy the minds of the readers then maybe another drone from DJI - one of the leading drone manufacturers - will astound you. The DJI Phantom 3 Advanced is one of the high quality drones on the market. It is equipped with a 1080 pixels camera for breathtaking pictures and videos and also has an FVP or live streaming. This drone can reach until 6000 meters and lasts for 23 minutes straight. 

Yuneec Q50 Typhoon Quadcopter

The Yuneec Q50 Typhoon Quadcopter is another amazing drone created by Yunees. Its selling point, as stated earlier, is its camera. This camera also allows one to take slow motion videos with 30 frames per second. The Yuneec Q500 Typhoon Quadcopter can fly for 25 minutes and can reach 121.9 meters high. 

Chroma Flight-Ready Drone

Possibly one of the drones with the longest flight time, lasting a solid 30 minutes in mid-air, is the Chroma Flight-Ready Drone. This drone seems like an ordinary drone (aside from its amazing flight time) - its design is mediocre and has all the other necessary systems that most drones already have in order to make user-friendly SAFE and GPS systems. This drone only weighs 49.4 oz and has a control distance of 500 meters. 

Throughout different generations in the passing of time, it is with absolute certainty that technology will always improve. If you are patient enough, you sure will find the perfect gold for every occasion.