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Best Mini Drones

Mini Drones 

The human’s ability to create and develop new technology has come far through the generations. Along with these continuous developments come new inventions such as mini drones. A mini drone or a miniature UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is a vehicle that can fly and is small enough to be transported by man. It is usually controlled with a standard remote control that allows the drone to go left, right, upwards or downwards. 

Mini drones have gained popularity since its invention in the 1990’s. There have been many improvements to this concept such as the improvement of its control distance and battery life, the ability of the drone to flip in midair and so stunts, and the adding of a camera and the ability to control this camera producing interesting angles. Recently, miniature drones have become more affordable and more publicized as a form of toy for enthusiasts. To jump in this bandwagon easier, adequate research is important to find the best mini drones that fit to one’s wants and capabilities to control one. 

Tarantula X6

If you are looking for best budget drones, then one should try the Tarantula X6. The Tarantula XG is a quadcopter- an X-shaped drone, which has 4 rotating blades placed on each tail end. Aside from being assembled easily, this drone also makes it easier for you to replace its motor. It can fly to a distance of up to 100 meters and its battery lasts for 8-10 minutes. Although it does not have a camera attached to it, the Tarantula XG has the capability to lift action cameras. 


Another cheap drone with camera is the JJRC H26W from the JJRC Company. For a small price, this drone comes with a 2 megapixel camera and a gimbal that you can control in four different directions allowing better angle-control in taking videos or pictures. It can fly for 6-7 minutes and its control distance is an astonishing 300 meters. Aside from that, the device has partner application that allows one to film real time videos. 

The Holy stone F18

The Holy stone F181 RC quadcopter drone with HD camera is one of the best drones for beginners. It is made up of light-weight but strong plastic that allows it to glide smoothly in the wind and endure crashes without much damage. This drone is also able to take 1280 X 720 pix pictures and record 30-framed videos with sound. Additionally, this product has a return key feature, which allows the drone to return to you in a push of a button. 

UDI A818 HD+ Drone

The latest version of UDI U818A HD is the UDI A818 HD+ Drone. The later drone has a significant price difference, however this drone is worth the extra cash. The drone glides noticeably smoother than the older version and has more accurate controls. It is equipped with a better camera, which is ideal for bloggers. Like the Holy stone F181 RC quadcopter, the UDI U818 HD also has return feature that allows beginners to never lose sight of the drone. These specs have instantly made this drone one of the best mini drones.  

Hubsan H107D

If you are looking for one of the best mini quadcopters, then Hubsan H107D is something that one must surely try. Hubsan has been known to be one of the best companies in producing drones knowing that they put a lot of effort in improving and designing their new releases. This new drone will surely pay for itself even if it only has a 480p camera since it is able to capture FPV or real time videos. The drone has a transmitter, which has an LCD screen for monitoring. It glides smoothly in the air and can be controlled accurately with a standard 6-axis gyro system. Aside from this, this tiny drone can also do amazing stunts like flipping midair.  

There are many other drones on the market. Just search through different online shops or in malls to find one. If you decide to buy a mini drone- whether it’s to jump the fickle fame of these devices for fun or for professional use- surely the best and most ideal drone that fits in each set of standard that one has created exists and is out there up for grabs. All that one needs to do is find it.