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Best Flight Simulator games For PC [2021]

Are you looking to get into flight simulator gaming and you are in search of the best FLIGHT SIMULATOR games to start With? Look no further, on this page you will find expert reviews of the best games and how .....

Are you a flight simulator Games enthusiast? Did you ever aspire to flying an airplane as a kid? If the answer is yes,  we have great news for you. Now, thanks to the growing number of advanced featured flying simulator games PC available, you can FLY stunningly realistic and deeply immersive flight simulator games on your computer. The genre of PC flight simulator has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. What's more, we have prepared a list of the best flight sim games for you. Ready to discover them?

Best Flight Simulator

Here we present to you the best flight simulator games of 2021, this is a list of the top three PC flight simulator games at the moment. There are lots of flight simulator games available out there and making a choice may seem daunting. However, the huge variety of simulator games it's really an excellent sign for a gamer like me. No matter your interests, whether it's helicopter combat simulator games or you're searching for the very best helicopter simulator PC or we have you covered. If you are in search of the best flight simulator games then you need to pay attention to this top three list.

Virtual Pilot 3D

Virtual Pilot 3D is one of the most popular flight simulation games for Mac and PC out there, and it is popular for good reason, With the virtual 3D package you have access to the ultimate flying experience and the thrills that you are seeking for. This software is one of the few flight sim games that allow you take command of your own Virtual aircraft and Fly anywhere In the world

When comes to simulator games PC, this software gives you the most realistic simulation of flying aerial vehicles such as Jumbo Jets, passenger airliners, medical helicopters, combat jets, or even vintage propeller planes. It has been highly acclaimed by both critics, gamers, and flight aficionados the world over. The biggest draw is that this simulator has so many different options and features that no other flight simulator has been able to offer. click here to take Virtual pilot 3D for a spin.

The growth of airplane simulator games over the last several years has brought on a new dawn to anyone wishing to take to the skies. Virtual Pilot 3D has the cutting edge technology and has pushed the envelope to the satisfaction and enjoyment of game flyers worldwide. Finally, realism is accurate from the controls in the cockpit to the terrain anywhere on the planet. The Creators are Mark Duran, Ozil Aguirre, and John Irwin. Their research and development took them 5 years. These gentlemen are cutting edge for sure!

Pc flight simulator games are on the rise
A scene from an Airplane simulator game

Take a flight to see this breathtaking technology where you can take off from any of 25,000 airports. Accurate graphics and animation have improved to a level where it's become difficult to believe it's virtual. This is 3D realism people at its best!

And have you ever dreamed of flying over your own house? Now it's possible. You can now fly over your own home, your family's homes or your friend's homes! I think this 3D flight simulator is really amazing! Exactly what you would expect in your own virtual airplane simulator. It is being said that this 3D flight simulator is becoming the best flight simulator game in the world!

So what makes it so authentic? First of all, the program is FAA approved and includes real world terrain that has been provided by NASA.

Also, this system has over 200 different aircraft that you can pilot and of course choose your aircraft which is an awesome part of the game! Training and certification platform has been used for pilots. Everything starting with the cockpit is so authentic and you will go through the same format real pilots do to learn to fly correctly and efficiently. Virtual Pilot 3D puts all of this technology at your fingertips. Nothing has been left out to bring you the best flying experience bar none!

Prior to take off you go through all of the procedures of the flight control system's checklist. Each set of procedures is identical to the prototype including the fine and accurate detail in the cockpit and especially the control panel. Instructions are put through from the flight tower and you begin to taxi to your airstrip. You have set the instrumentation and controls and begin to ease down the runway. The first thing you notice is the aircraft picking up speed followed by take-off.

Also, what is really beautiful is the scenery and the terrain. Everything looks so surreal and majestic and looks real all at the same time. I found it hard to believe it's animated you can fly to the majestic mountains of Tibet and then to the beautiful lands of New Zealand.

This flight is smooth without any jerkiness as sometimes experienced in other simulators. Views from the cockpit are right on and changes in the position off the ground. Geez! The sky and even the stars are accurate. As the pilot, you choose your flight paths and destinations. You are now in control and enjoy all of the experiences of flying the aircraft of your choice to airports around the world!

One more thing, did I forget to mention that you can fly with other players! It's really cool that you're able to interact with other virtual pilots like yourself from ALL OVER THE WORLD! So if you love virtual pilot games then you have found it! Now it's your turn to pilot the aircraft of your choice and take to the skies. Whether you fly solo or team with other players, Virtual pilot 3D is ready and will set you on course for the most realistic flying experience possible online. See why like many others have and take-off today. So get buckled up and fasten your seat-belts and be prepared to take flight! See you in the air!

Pro Flight Simulator

Pro-flight Simulator is a fantastic Airplane and helicopter software in this genre of PC flight games. Similarly to virtual pilot 3D, it has a wide array of choice of Airplanes, Helicopters and Airports to choose from. Let’s go through some of the best features that Pro flight simulator has to offer.

One of the best features this product has to offer is the practical world scenery. And when we say “practical world scenery”, we mean that the details are amazingly accurate throughout the whole world including the landmarks, buildings, and structures. Every scene is separate, so, you can only get the one that you like.

Another great feature of this flight simulator is its ability to synchronize time with the actual time clock. This means that, if you are in Washington and it is night-time, it is also night-time in your simulator. The time will depend on your system clock and the location you choose. What is even amazing is that it accurately maps the position of the planets, Moon, and Sun in the solar system – even the weather patterns in actual-time which will offer true-to-life experience.

In addition, there are thousands of detailed and realistic Airports as well as thousands of wide variety of Helicopters, Aircraft, Combat Planes, and Aircraft Carriers to choose from. You will be astonished to realize that new planes are added regularly as included in the simulator update.

As if those features aren’t enough, the game is further packed with lighting effects that are usually used for aerodynamics research and modeling. This feature is known as Light Dynamics Models.

The best flight simulator games are fun

The Pros

· Realistic flying experience and world scenery – The product is designed to resemble real life situation, from terrain, aircraft, world time, planetary, and much more.

· Detailed and accurate mapping and world time – Structures and buildings are noticeably detailed in this simulator.

· Thousands of aircraft and maps to choose from – You can choose from thousands of carriers, classic aircraft, fighter jet planes, Boeing, and the best aircraft. Furthermore, there are hundreds of airports to take off and land.

· Amazing bonus packages – When you order the game, you will not only receive the software but also get 4 bonuses such as Kelpie Flight Planner, the Interactive Scenery Designer, a Professional Airplane Flying Handbook, and Aeron Combat Flight Simulator.

· A money back guarantee and a free update for life – The product comes with a sixty days money back guarantee as well as free updates to ensure that your software remains up-to-date.

The Cons

Need fast internet connection - The product is only ordered online and takes some time before it can completely download.

Do click here to find out more on Proflight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

This is one of the popular flight simulation games released by the Microsoft Corporation. I have played the 2004 version and FSX. They are great Flight Sims, because of the sheer number of add-on available. But they are a bit aged and outdated by today's standards, Read our full review of Microsoft Flight Simulator X here!

What Makes the Best Flight Simulator

Realistic graphical display and excellent scenery are what makes a good flight sim. This is definitely the most important thing you have to keep in mind when browsing through potential Flight Sim aircraft games you may wish to acquire. In addition, note that you will require a decent games-spec graphics card in your computer, so check the requirements on the net site carefully. Virtual 3D Pilot has a terrific helicopter flight model and as for X-plane, several helicopters can be bought via the X-plane store. There are lots of flight simulation games online which are available for download today, but on this page we have curated the best of the lot.

These beguiling flight simulator games vary in kind and difficulty level from flight simulators to jet fighter planes. Each enterprising gamer has the chance to enjoy and learn from these free video games. The best part is that each and every video game is free to play. It is also possible to purchase online although it is essential to find out features which will be appropriate for your likes. The primary features are eye-catching graphics and visual capabilities of good flight simulators. Graphics of any flight simulation game should capture the real thing.

To get the most from your game, you will have to go for a top performance you would like a fast CPU using a motherboard with a fast FSB.
Download the complimentary demo today. Download absolutely free games and play at no cost. The very best game-play at your own fingertips! Open source and simple to play flight simulator. Open the map utilizing the map'' button within the option bar. Don't forget to download it take your favorite bird up for a couple of test flights.

Furthermore, X-Plane is among the simulators out there with today's best graphics. The game boasts of some highly effective modding tools that may be used to create a number of new content. Additionally, It requires Windows 7. Cyclic pitch might be controlled utilizing the arrow keys or the mouse.
An easy, smart strategy game. In case the i7-4790k is beyond your budget, the unlocked i5-4690k is an excellent substitute. The game isn't without its downsides. For the best system, you will want memory that you may overclock. Buckle your seat-belt and prepare for takeoff.

View from a Flight simulator game
View from a Flight simulator games