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Best Drones Under 100 

Mini drones have developed significantly through time. Since its conception in the 1990’s as very small unmanned aerial vehicle, the mini drone as evolved from being one of the technology that people from the military use by equipping it with small weapons or using it to spy on the enemy, from toys that individuals can use for their own entertainment. After the first drone was released into the public, many has wanted to get their hands on one. It took years of different professionals with varying fields of expertise to allow the invention of such nitty devices, but it only took mere months for it to be approved on the market. 

After its release, the hype from drones has been sustained by different companies that produce them. It has become their task to help science by improving this device. They have released numerous drones all with significant improvements that allowed people who are already enthusiastic for drones to love them more and the others to be at least, excited with the sudden developments that they have created within a short span of time. So, if one is an enthusiast or just a person who just wants to buy one but is on a tight budget, there is no need to worry. The market for drones is expanding, therefore, it’s not impossible to get the best drones under 100. 

Blade Nano QX

If one is looking for a mini quadcopter that can be easily controlled by a beginner then the Blade Nano QX is a great product to look into. After its release, it immediately earned its spot to be one of the best quadcopters under 100. It has a Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE) technology that allows beginners to easily control and experience flying a quadcopter with minimal effort. Aside from this, making repairs on this is easier because its motors are connected with plugs. The complete package costs 80 dollars, which is not bad for the potentiality that it has. 


Another highly recommended drone is the JJRC H26W, which is a quadcopter with a 2 megapixel camera and a gimbal that one can control in four directions. This is perfect for taking pictures with interesting angles. Its camera also allows its controller to record real time videos or FPV that can be accessed through one’s phone. 

DBPower MJX X400 FPV Drone

A drone enthusiast who has a tight budget but want a drone with the latest technologies would want the DBPower MJX X400 FPV Drone with camera. There is no doubt that its features make it to probably be the best camera drone under 100. The entire set costs roughly 70 dollars. It is equipped with a camera that allows FPV live-streaming that can be monitored using one’s smartphone. Aside from that, it has a control distance of 100 meters and a flying time of 8 minutes. 

Holy stone F181 RC quadcopter drone

The Holy stone F181 RC quadcopter drone with HD camera are for beginners who would use drones professionally in taking pictures and/or videos. As the name implies, it is equipped with a camera that allows one to take 720p pictures and videos with 30 frames with sound, with such camera specs, some consider the Holy stone F181quadcopter to be the best quadcopter.  It is made from sturdy plastic, which allows it to endure reasonable crashes with drastic damage. The Holy stone F181 RC also has a return key and headless security system perfect for people who frequently forget and lose things. 

Akaso X5 C4CH

Another product worth noting is the Akaso X5 C4CH. It is one of the best quadcopters under 100 that earned its title for its smooth flight. It comes with a camera that takes excellent and high quality videos. Aside from this, this drone has a light on its underside that allows it to record during the night. Additionally, this product can do different stunts like 3D rolls and flips, which is a great way to entertain people. 

UDI A818 HD+ Drone

Lastly, the UDI A818 HD+ Drone is one of the best drones under 100 dollars with amazing features. Compared to its predecessors, this drone is able to fly smoothly and has more accurate controls. It has an amazing camera and is very user-friendly. This product also has a return key function that allows the drone to get back to you in just a push of a button. The key feature of this product is its two speed modes. Mode 1 for slow and steady and Mode 2 for experts who would want things to get more exciting.