Best Free Flight Simulator Games

If you want to experience the thrill that comes with flying a real plane from as high as 40,000 feet up in the air, then downloading a flight simulator game to your computer is definitely the best thing for you.

While lots of flight simulator games cost a decent amount of money particularly the ones boasting advanced features, there are still some free flight simulator games designed to enable gaming enthusiasts have plenty of fun and enjoy their flight to the maximum. Here are top 5 best free flight simulator games that are suitable for you if you are keen on taking to the virtual skies with style.

1. FlightGear

Crafted in 1997, FlightGear leads the pack when it comes to free flight simulator games, it is considered in some quarters to be the best free flight simulator. This free Airplane game is truly fantastic thanks to its open nature, something that allows players to create and test different plane models of their choice. It places a lot of emphasis on plane’s design- most notably on how the plane’s design can be improved to make it fly much better and faster. Despite the flight simulator game being two decades old, it boasts some impressive features coupled with worldwide scenery textures, realistic graphics and a large collection of planes(not to mention it provides users with plenty of room to add more planes of their choice). Recently, it got new water effects and 3D cloud improvements. Simply put, the free flight simulator game looks truly awesome, very accurate and can be enjoyed on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

2. Google Earth

Google Earth boasts some irresistible features more than any other free flight simulator game out there. It comes with the interactive, virtual globe which allows players to explore the vast parts of the universe in stunning topographic detail. The built- in flight simulator is designed to enable you take control of your flight. It is further equipped with fantastic on-board controls designed to enable you customize your flight speed and altitude. It offers over 70 aircraft for players to choose from, featuring different types of planes, ranging from Apache helicopter to Blue Angles F-18 Hornet. It is a highly customization game that allows users to perform virtually anything, ranging from flying in Delta formation to indulging in aerial dogfights with their friends. The game is simple yet beautiful and welcoming.

3. Microsoft Flight

While the flight simulator isn’t completely free, it however gives players free access to flight stimulating basics. The game basically allows players to fly over different islands of Hawaii to take part in thrilling challenges. One of the things that makes the game truly exciting is that, players have the ability to share and track accomplishments from the challenges they encounter during their respective gaming sessions. The game’s control panel can be customized to suit a player’s skill set.

4. Rise of Flight

Inspired by World war 1, this flight sim blends combat and history together. It features a wide variety of scenarios for players to explore, including multiplayer battles as well as recreation of multiple historical wars from World War 1. Apart from the combating feature, the game stands out for its thorough attention to detail during the war period. The other thing that makes the game truly unique from other flight simulator games is exceptional commitment to authenticity. The war planes are meticulously depicted in detail. While combat is the game’s best part, players can still fly around on different locations across the Western Front. It features various flight modes ranging from multiplayer battles to custom scenarios. Considering that there are several ways through which players can customize the controls, then it means that you can play the game in a manner that feels comfortable to you whether using the flight stick or the mouse and keyboard.

5. War Thunder

Inspired by World War 2, this flight simulator game captures a time when military might was depicted by aircraft superiority. Developed by Gaijin Entertainment, the flight simulator game can be played in multiplayer or single mode. As a multiplayer, it features a team comprising of 16 fighters fighting against each other. The games offers players the ability to create a team of fighters using a wide array of war planes including Warbirds, bombers and fighters. Better still; players can also fight on land as anti-aircraft vehicles or tanks. The game is available for free download on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Linux and Shield Android TV.



There are other free Airplane simulator games apart from these 5 covered here. However, the best thing it to pick the game that comes with features best suited for your gaming experience



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